NECHV tour aboard the USS Constitution
Flag raised in honor of Gulf War veterans
Charlestown, MA

In July, clients and staff of the NECHV were invited aboard the USS Constitution for a historical tour of the oldest ship in the U.S. Navy and oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. While on board, NECHV Director of Operations, Bob Hanafin, raised the NECHV Gulf War flag in honor of our veterans from the period of Desert Storm and Desert Shield up to the present OIF/OEF era. Our thanks to Commander Cooper and the crew aboard the USS Constitution for hosting our vets with this special privilege and for honoring the servicemen and women of our Gulf War era with the honor of the fly-over.

USS Constitution Photo Tour

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Flag Raising Video

Check out the video of the raising of the Flag on the USS Constitution.

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Gulf War Era Memorial Flag
Honoring our Nationís Veteranís from the Gulf War Era

This flag will be on display at NECHV to commemorate our Gulf War-era veterans from Desert Shield and Desert Storm up to the present period of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Having now flown over Sather Air Base in Iraq and the USS Constitution, here in Boston, the flag now heads to Afghanistan, courtesy of Operation Troop Support, where it will be flown over a US Marine base. Subsequent fly-overís for each branch of the military are planned before the flag returns to NECHV where it will be on permanent display as an honor to all of our Gulf War veterans.