Veterans Training School

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Faculty and Staff

Debby Wiesen, MBA, MSLIS, B.S. Ed
Dean and Director of Client Training and Employment

Tony Padilla
Employment Assistance and Operations

Frank T. Boback, Jr., M.Ed.
Training Manager and Registrar

Sarah Sanchez, B.A.
Job Development and
Employment Retention Manager

Chuck Santos
Information Resource Center (IRC)
Coordinator and Computer Instructor

Rick Paone and Michael MacDonald
Instructors, Commercial Drivers License

John Linardy
Instructor, Security Officer Training Course

Ed Turk
Instructor and Director of Food Services

Cynthia Krainin, B.A.
Employment Consultant
Career Resources, LLC

Glen Silva
NECHV Webmaster, Instructor Web Design
Beyond Web Design

Pro Bono Consultants

Doug Fitzgerald, M.B.A., B.A.
Business Consultant and Instructor
Former Dean, College of Business
Johnson & Wales University

Nica Bell, M.S.
Writing Instructor and Communications Consultant

Amy Hoestetter
Senior Credit Advisor
American Consumer Credit Counseling


"Our mission is to assist veterans who are homeless, unemployed, or underemployed with the tools to move toward self-sufficiency.

The School accomplishes this mission by providing veterans with necessary training and job skills to obtain and retain competitive employment in today's ever-changing market.

To meet our goal, the Veterans Training School partners with local businesses to provide apprenticeship and entry-level positions to our graduates.

Together with educational institutions, we offer certificate and degree-seeking programs."

Debby Wiesen
Dean and Director of Client Training and Employment

The Veterans Training School offers training and employment assistance to all resident veterans of the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.

For Information about course offerings or application process please contact:

Veterans Training School
Attn: Frank Boback, Jr.
17 Court Street
Boston, MA 02108

Sample Courses

Life Skills
Smart Money Management
Introduction to Computer Basics (ICB)
Overcoming the Past to Thrive in the Present Seminar
Basic Business Skills
Tools and Tips for Writing

Introduction to Computer Basics
Computers 1&2
BHCC Computer Essentials
UINIX/Linux Fundamentals
Careers and Resumes
Photoshop Software
Website Design
Advanced Business skills
Business Plan Class

Security Officer Training Course
Commercial Drivers License (Class B) Course
Fundamentals of Culinary Arts