Volunteer, Individual Support
is an employee benefit available to eligible employees in the Executive Branch

"I am very humbled by this experience. To be able to observe the lives of these veterans and the obstacles they have gone through truly puts everything into perspective. I am happy that organizations such as this exist to help people get their lives back on track and to be given a second chance." - Jannuth

Individual Volunteer Registration
Individual volunteer assignments range in scope and size, from providing ongoing administrative support, to assisting with private tutoring in our Veterans Training School or by serving on one of many Volunteer Service, Events or Fundraising Committees. Individual volunteers donate both their time and their talent for the benefit of the veterans served by NECHV.

Got Talent?
Do you have a special skill or talent that you wish to share? If so, please be sure to join our TALENT BANK of professionals, each of whom provide the NECHV with enormous pro bono support on an annual basis. Simply register below for Individual Volunteer Support and indicate the type of talent that you wish to offer, along with your availability.

Please contact our Individual Volunteer group directly by email.