Boston Cares, by the Numbers

A dedicated partner for over 20 years in supporting NECHV in our mission to end homelessness among Veterans, Boston Cares has contributed yet another exceptional year of volunteer service.  Boston Cares’ committed crew of volunteers served a total of 1,311 hours collectively in 2016.  NECHV is honored and grateful for their support.  Here are a few more details about their service:

  • Number of projects filled in 2016 – 171
  • Number of volunteer shifts filled in 2016 – 776
  • Number of meals served in 2016 – 11,311
  • Percentage of total NECHV volunteer shifts filled – 21%
  • Percentage of total NECHV meals served – 19%

Boston Cares was established in 1991 as a way to help busy individuals fit community service into their lives in a way that would accommodate unpredictable schedules. Today Boston Cares engages and trains both individual and corporate volunteers and is committed to providing a quality experience to all involved. To become involved with Boston Cares and to sign up for an opportunity to serve at NECHV, you can visit