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Veteran 360 Programs

The Veteran 360 Program is the flagship behavioral health support program for Veterans with co-occurring or a dual diagnosis of severe mental illness and/or substance use disorder. Clinical case management is tailored to the individual needs of each Veteran.

  • The Veteran Recovery Program provides a recovery-focused, residential, post-detox service within therapeutic community.
  • The Senior Veteran Wellness Program serves Veterans age 65 and older and assists with medication management, life skills, healthcare issues and managing substance use; all with the ultimate goal of achieving permanent and sustainable independent living.
  • The Senior Veteran Wellness Program also features a rehabilitative and recreational Stay-In-Program to provide daytime therapeutic and educational groups, outings, activities and training, and it affords access to a specialized senior services clinician.
  • The Safe Haven Program provides a recovery model of supportive housing that serves hard-to-reach, Veterans who continue to struggle with barriers to stability and sobriety.

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